Student Opportunities

Student Opportunities at Community Alliance

Community Alliance supports people with mental illness in their recovery towards socially inclusive lives with full community participation. We believe people with mental illness can and do recover.

We also believe in contributing to the education and development of a vibrant and effective behavioral health workforce. To that end, Community Alliance partners with many academic institutions in placement of students, interns and residents, providing the opportunity to work within an interdisciplinary team and translate one’s knowledge into effective practice.

Social work, counseling, nursing, public health, vocational rehabilitation, psychiatry and family practice are among the many professions involved in field placements at Community Alliance. We are also open to working with students in other fields, including business, information technology and marketing. Field experiences can be on a project, hours or semester basis.

If you are interested in a field placement at Community Alliance, please call 402-341-5128 or download and complete a Student Field Placement Application and mail, e-mail or fax it to:

Stacy Ring, LIMHP
Community Alliance
4001 Leavenworth St.
Omaha, Nebraska 68105P.

Phone: 402-341-5128
Fax:  402-505-9849