We’re in this together and we always have been. We wouldn’t be able to accomplish our mission without generous supporters like you. With your help, we can reach more individuals and families, we can help enrich lives, and we can offer the gift of health, hope, and healing throughout our community.

You Come First . . .

because we have a heritage of being first. We were the first free-standing community mental health program in Nebraska to focus solely on adults. And, we were the first to go beyond traditional treatment and therapy to concentrate on what people with mental illness need to live, work and thrive at home and in the community. We are often the first call for help. And, we offer first-tier mental health services based on evidenced-based practices and nationally-recognized treatment models.

Rooted in the Community

Our passion lies in helping people overcome the mental health challenges they are facing so they can thrive in the community. We started as a local grassroots organization in 1981, and each of our services was born by answering a call for help. When we see a need, we get to work, often partnering with others to meet that need. The result is continued growth, innovation, responsiveness and results for the men and women we serve, and for our community.

Integrating Mental Health and Primary Care

It’s a new era for mental health agencies, as we evolve to address changes in the field while continuing to serve people who need our help. We do this through innovation, focusing on measurable results and advocating for new approaches. We provide clinical expertise and offer plain-and-simple practical skills, mixed with a strong dose of compassion from our dedicated staff. We are constantly expanding our partnerships with volunteers and supporters who share our same focus and belief in recovery.

Thinking Forward

Our model of integrated health, offering a more complete path toward recovery. An integrated approach addresses the health of the whole person – incorporating physical, mental and social well-being. At Community Alliance, our primary care practice works in concert with behavioral healthcare professionals to offer an array of mental health, primary care and community services, in order to coordinate a greater level of care. It’s a collaborative effort that delivers positive, measurable outcomes. Our focus is to help restore a sense of purpose that allows our clients to achieve their unique potential and to live, work, learn and contribute in a community of mutual support.

We’re Advocates

We work to erase the stigma surrounding mental illness, and we advocate at the local, state and national levels for greater access to the life-restoring and life-saving services and policy changes needed to make help and healing possible. This work takes a community — and it demands alliance. We are Community Alliance.

Let’s Talk

How can we help? Do you have questions about services for yourself or a loved one? We’d like to tell you about our programs and how we’re working in Omaha and surrounding communities to make health and recovery a reality. Call us at 402-341-5128.