Rehabilitation Services

For those facing serious mental illness such as schizophrenia or bipolar illness, outpatient treatment and medication may not always be enough. That’s where rehabilitation services come in. Whether just diagnosed, leaving the hospital, working on relapse prevention, or wanting to regain the stamina to return to work, we can help you develop the knowledge and skills needed for long-term recovery. Ours is not a one-size fits-all approach. We will help you build your individualized roadmap, identifying where you are in your recovery process, where you want to be and how we can help you get there.

Day Rehabilitation

Classroom and experiential learning to expand understanding and build resiliency.
A day rehabilitation program is just what it implies—a program where you can come up to five days a week and participate in a wide variety of classes while gaining real-life practice in areas that support your recovery. You will also feel challenged to learn new ways to cope with mental illness and your daily stressors.  Classes are facilitated by our trained staff as well as outside speakers and peers. They cover a wide range of topics that impact your success in the community, such as personal and community living, physical health and wellness, problem-solving, understanding and managing your illness, building healthy friendships and leisure activities, and personal advocacy and empowerment. We work with you to identify your needs and establish an attendance schedule that provides you with the professional, peer and learning supports that will build your strengths and help you achieve the level of wellness and recovery you are striving for.

Community Support

Help When and Where You Need It
Community Alliance can provide a range of in-home and in-community services to help you grow the confidence and skills needed to live, work and thrive in your recovery. These services are highly individualized and flexible in both frequency and duration. We can support you in achieving a healthier life by encouraging you to take care of your medical and mental health needs, developing and utilizing a personal recovery plan, maintaining a regular eating, sleeping and medication schedule, and choosing healthy leisure time activities. These services are provided one-on-one in your home and other convenient community locations on a regular schedule matched up to your needs.

Assertive Community Treatment

An intensive, inclusive, team-based approach combining community treatment and rehabilitation.
Assertive Community Treatment or ACT is an intensive mental health service for individuals whose symptoms have been difficult to manage outside a hospital setting, and who also may be having trouble meeting basic needs and maintaining personal safety in the community without frequent interventions and support. What makes ACT different from other rehabilitation programs is our ground-level approach. We are with you in the community, at home and other locations. And we’re available 24/7 with the goal of helping you live and succeed at home, work, school and in the community without further hospitalization. Our ACT team provides individualized treatment and real-life skills support. And it’s based on an evidence-based national model. The team meets daily to review needs and goals, so your program evolves with your progress. Services are comprehensive, yet flexible. The frequency of home and community visits are based on individual recovery plans.

Residential Rehabilitation

Support in a Residential Setting
Community Alliance also offers a supervised residential setting for individuals leaving the hospital or other acute care environment who needs additional time and support to recover from an acute episode of mental illness.  Our goal is to provide a place where you can feel safe and get into a healthy routine to manage your illness and take positive steps toward long-term recovery.  These residential services offer a planned program of daily individual and group activities so you can learn more about your illness, develop and adhere to a routine for taking necessary medicines, establish a healthy sleeping and meal schedule, and engage in activities of daily living that promote personal safety, self-care, and healthy social and community activities. Staff is on-site 24 hours a day.  You can also access other Community Alliance services while participating in the residential program such as day rehabilitation, employment services, outpatient counseling, and psychiatric and medical care based on your needs.

Our residences are located in neighborhoods throughout the Omaha area. You will enjoy the privacy of your own bedroom, while also benefiting from a sense of community and support. While in the program, participants resume many of the roles and responsibilities associated with the next steps toward independence and recovery. This includes paying rent, sharing in household tasks, and connecting with community resources.  Community Alliance’s residential rehabilitation facilities are licensed as residential mental health and substance use facilities by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.

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