Every one of us comes to the table with different life experiences, triggers and burdens that impact our mental health and wellness. Maybe you’re going through a challenging chapter in life. Or, perhaps you’ve been struggling with a mental illness or substance use that prevents you from thriving in the community. People come to see us for different reasons. Our array of psychiatric and counseling services are individualized and designed to address your specific concerns. And, we serve you with dignity, respect and admiration—because it takes courage to heal.

Focused on Recovery. We believe in recovery. We instill hope. People touched by our services are living evidence of the outcomes we deliver, and results are measurable. This is important because when we enter counseling, or any treatment program, we all want to know there is an end-goal and targets to reach along the way. Our clients and their families trust us. And donor partners support us and the people we serve because they see how recovery makes both a personal and widespread community impact.

Proven, Expert Care. When you turn to Community Alliance, you access skilled psychiatric providers, licensed counselors and services that meet national accreditation standards. You get connected with people who share our agency-wide passion for recovery.

Browse our psychiatric and counseling services:

Psychiatric Care

Assessment, diagnosis, and ongoing medication management services.

First Episode Psychosis

Supporting adolescents and young adults going through first episode psychosis.

CA Counseling

Licensed and experienced professionals to talk to and help you deal with life stressors.


Convenient, on-site pharmacy services.