Outcomes & Impact

Integrated Psychiatric and Physical Health Care

  • 86% of participants in outpatient psychiatric treatment and counseling reported a better ability to deal with problems as a result of services.
  • 69% of participants in outpatient psychiatric treatment and counseling reported improvement or alleviation of impact of symptoms of mental illness.
  • 87% of persons seen within our primary care clinic were screened for high blood pressure; of those
    identified with hypertension and at higher risk for stroke, 68% demonstrated improvement.
  • 78% of persons treated for obesity demonstrated improvement on weight, waist circumference or BMI.
  • Among survey respondents, 97% reported satisfaction with counseling services, 83% with psychiatric services, and 100% with primary care services.

Rehabilitation Services

  • 8 of 10 respondents participating in Day Rehabilitation and Assertive Community Treatment services reported increased ability to deal with daily problems.
  • 72% of persons served in Residential Rehabilitation successfully transitioned to more independent living at program discharge.
  • 88% of persons served by the agency averted the need for hospitalization during the year.
  • Overall satisfaction with rehabilitation services among participants ranged from 85% to 93%.
  • 100% of stakeholders surveyed, including family members and referral sources, reported satisfaction with Community Alliance’s rehabilitation services.

Employment Services

  • 55% of persons served achieved 55% employment during the year.
  • 95% of participants responding cited satisfaction with the information, choices and services offered to them.
  • 96% of survey respondents and 90% of stakeholders (e.g., referral sources and employers) reported overall satisfaction with the employment services provided.

Homeless and Housing Services

  • 75,555 days of community housing days were provided by Community Alliance during the year.
  • 88% of persons aided by Community Alliance outreach and transition staff maintained stable housing at 6 months.
  • 62% of all SSI/SSDI applications submitted utilizing the national SOAR model were approved at initial application compared to a national approval rate of 28.5% for all adults applying for SSI or SSDI.
  • 92% of survey respondents indicated overall satisfaction with services received.

Peer and Family Support

  • 9,422 warm line calls were received by the Safe Harbor Peer Crisis Diversion service during the year.
  • 96% of Safe Harbor guests stated that the services received helped prevent an emergency room visit or hospitalization.
  • 93% of survey respondents reported that peer support services provided them with tools and support to work towards recovery goals.
  • 99% of survey respondents reported satisfaction with peer support services.