Recovery takes commitment and every person’s path toward stability and wellness is different. We are passionate about helping people who struggle with mental health issues so they can live, work and thrive in our communities. That’s why we offer a broad range of services and supports that go beyond traditional treatment to address such related concerns as employment and housing issues, family education, ongoing rehabilitation needs and physical health care. Whether you need help to handle everyday stress or to deal with a major mental illness, we are here for you and will help you along the way.

Our mental health services fall into these categories:

Read More about Psychiatric and Counseling Services

Psychiatric and Counseling Services

Individualized counseling, therapy and medication services.

Read More about Primary Health Care

Primary Health Care

Integrating medical and mental health services with a focus on your total health and wellness.

Read More about Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation Services

Services to help restore strengths and skills for those living with serious mental illness.

Read More about Employment and Community Services

Employment and Community Services

Housing, job and community supports when and where you need it.

Read More about Family and Peer Support

Family and Peer Support

Family and peer services to help you and loved ones along the way.