Navigate to Success

Supporting adolescents and young adults going through first episode psychosis

Community Alliance’s Navigate to Success program provides support for adolescents and young adults, age 14 to 35, who have recently begun to experience disruptive thoughts or behaviors attributed to first episode psychosis. Psychosis, or the blurring of reality, is a serious mental illness requiring treatment. It can also be a difficult and scary situation for the individual and their loved ones to understand and know how to respond.

Some of the signs or symptoms of psychosis can include:

  • A change in behavior, such as isolation, irritability and/or loss of interest in activities
  • Disorganized thinking
  • Hearing things that other people don’t hear (auditory hallucinations)
  • Seeing things that other people don’t see (visual hallucinations)

Early intervention can be life-changing

Left untreated, symptoms can become more serious over time and have long-term consequences on functioning. However, early intervention and treatment can be life-changing – lessening the risk of relapse and ongoing functional impairment, reducing school and work disruptions, helping the family cope and support their loved one and creating a better prognosis for the long term.

Navigate to Success utilizes the national, research based NAVIGATE model to provide a coordinated specialty care program for individuals and is focused on resiliency and recovery.

The Navigate team tailors treatment plans to select the best mix of services and supports including:

  • Supported employment and education to support maintaining and/or resuming work and school activities
  • Education and support for families focused on a variety of recovery-oriented topics
  • Care coordination
  • Individual therapy focused on learning and practicing new skills for resiliency and recovery
  • Psychiatric medication evaluation and management services

Our inter-professional team works in coordination with the individual and his/her family to offer a range of mental health and well-being services that enhance understanding of the illness and development of the skills necessary to function well at home, on the job, at school and in the community.

The Navigate to Success program is open to:

  • Teens and adults aged 14 to 35
  • Individuals with symptom duration of more than one week but less than two years

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