Breaking the Silence

For decades, stigma and misunderstanding have been among the largest barriers in the battle to overcome the painful impact of mental illness on individuals and families alike and to encourage people to seek the help they need and deserve. Please join us in helping to end this stigma and increase understanding by Breaking The Silence about mental illness!

Breaking the Silence, Community Alliance's annual educational and awareness event, joins families, friends, businesses, behavioral health professionals, elected officials, and philanthropic leaders in the collective, community-wide effort to talk openly about mental illness and further access to services and support for those most directly affected. We bring to Omaha nationally recognized celebrities - actors, authors, athletes, singers, journalists, and more - who have themselves experienced mental illness or is an advocates for a loved one with such illness. Each year we are moved by the strength and courage of our speakers in breaking their own silence to share their story and bring a message of hope and recovery to our community and those we serve.

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Breaking the Silence has become one of the region's largest community education events advancing mental illness awareness. The generous and ongoing support of individuals and businesses across our community and state has been critical to this ongoing success. Together, we are helping to eliminate fear and discrimination, and furthering greater awareness, understanding, and hope for the ones in our families across Nebraska who are directly affected by a major mental illness.

Please see our past events page for a photo gallery of speakers, and plan on joining in ‘breaking the silence' about mental illness at our next event.