Fostering collaboration to make an impact: The importance of teamwork at Community Alliance

Portrait photo of Denise Stuart

Many jobs, even within the health care industry, are performed in a silo. You go to work, interact with patients or clients on your schedule, communicate with fellow team members, and then go home. Community Alliance is nothing like that. At Community Alliance, collaboration is the key to success. Our dedication to creating a community of passionate individuals committed to making a lasting difference in the lives of their clients is paramount. 

While it would be easy to list how our skilled and licensed professionals collaborate throughout our programs and services, we know it’s more impactful to hear it from someone who lives it every day. Denise Stuart, MS, CRC, LMHP, is a Director at Community Alliance. She has been with the non-profit integrated health care agency since 1998 and has had the privilege of providing support to a variety of our programs to help them become the best that they can be.

Unlike many other clinical settings, Denise has found that clients at CA aren’t just numbers – they are individuals with unique circumstances, needs, and goals. “CA is very much a hidden gem, one of the best-kept secrets in town. With our new location, we want to let the entire community know that we are here to help. Once people learn about all the services we provide and the opportunities we help create, it will allow our staff’s expertise to inspire the thought of recovery for those that need it.”

How Community Alliance Prioritizes Collaboration for the Good of Every Client

At Community Alliance, collaboration is not just a buzzword but a deeply ingrained culture that radiates through every aspect of the organization. From the leadership team to direct service staff, everyone understands the value of teamwork in achieving the shared mission of supporting individuals on their recovery journey. 

And as a leader, Denise has become acutely aware of how to keep her team members engaged in ways that support their individual goals as well as the mission of the agency. “Every person, every employee at CA has that little spark, the thing that makes them excited. So as a supervisor, I watch for it and work to ignite it by asking, ‘Are you interested in this? Tell me what fuels your passion? What inspires you to want to come to work each and every day?’” 

To prevent the clinical aspects of integrated health care jobs from getting in the way of fostering a sense of community among team members, leaders such as Denise put an emphasis on the following: 

  • Empowering Team Members – Our organization strongly emphasizes empowering each team member to take ownership of what they’re doing. This encourages creativity and helps generate innovative ideas that benefit the clients we serve.
  • Cross-Program Collaboration – Community Alliance breaks down silos by promoting collaboration across our services. Staff members from various programs work together seamlessly to address all aspects of clients’ lives. And when it makes sense, the team celebrates each other’s successes. 
  • A Client-Centered Approach – The heart of Community Alliance’s collaboration lies in putting clients at the center of all decision-making. By involving clients in care planning and treatment decisions, we ensure that services are tailored to individual needs and preferences.
  • Responsive Communication – Our teams encourage formal and informal check-ins, fostering an environment where staff can find immediate support. 
  • Teamwork When It Matters Most – When faced with challenges, Community Alliance’s team members rally together, offering support and brainstorming solutions to navigate difficult situations.
  • Cultivating Trust: The culture of trust at CA enables open communication, ideasharing, and constructive feedback, creating a safe and supportive environment where everyone feels valued.

How does Community Alliance put these ideas into practice every day? How does this level of collaboration help the many clients that use Community Alliance for support? “Our agency’s strength lies in the collaboration and networking between our dedicated teams, working together to help each individual client reach their goals,” Denise passionately explained. “We have so many amazing staff that have so many talents to share, and that just makes our agency stronger.”

Make a Difference Every Day at Community Alliance

Are you ready to make a difference every day? To feel your positive impact every day? To pursue your passion every day? Learn more about some of the open positions we are looking to fill with the right candidates: 

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