Recovery is in Reach

We are positively positive about making recovery possible for people who struggle with mental health and substance use issues so they can live, work and thrive in our community.

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Integrated Health Care

At Community Alliance, integrated health care is person- and family-centered care that supports mental and physical health in a way that connects both. It’s an approach that makes a greater level of healing and wellness possible, leading toward sustained recovery, purpose, and quality of life.

Evidence-based treatment and recovery services to address mental health and substance use challenges

Primary health care from preventative and routine care to help managing chronic physical conditions and enhancing overall health and wellness

Practical, hands-on assistance with life stressors that impact mental health, daily living and overall wellbeing

Supporting quality of life through community participation, meaningful connections and purposeful activities


We’re Building a New Headquarters

Community Alliance is growing to keep pace with the increasing need for mental health in our community. We’re excited to announce that we will be moving to a new program and office location in late 2023. The new 120,000-square foot facility will be a one-stop, comprehensive access point for both mental and physical health care.


Get Involved: Bike with Mike

Bike or Walk and Eat Tacos in a community celebration/fundraiser on the Wabash Trace, in honor of Mike Kutilek, with the mission of bringing awareness to local mental health resources. Join us on June 4, 2022!


We're Here to Help

Safe Harbor offers someone to talk to and a place to go for adults with mental illness who want short-term assistance to handle a crisis or other situation causing stress, yet do not require immediate psychiatric care or hospitalization.

Call our warm line number and talk to one of our Peer Specialists: 402-715-4226

About Community Alliance

We are a nonprofit, mental health agency with nationally accredited programs that offer a continuum of services focused on all aspects of your recovery.

Ways To Support Us

There are many different ways for you to support us - and all make a positive impact for those we serve and our community.


Community Alliance is growing and we encourage applicants of all backgrounds to consider bringing their exceptional skills to Community Alliance. Explore our job openings today.