Psychiatric and Counseling Services

Every one of us comes to the table with different life experiences, triggers and burdens that impact our mental health and wellness. Maybe you’re going through a challenging chapter in life. Or, perhaps you’ve been struggling with a mental illness or substance use issue that prevents you from thriving in the community. People of all ages come to see us for different reasons. Our array of psychiatric and counseling services are individualized and designed to address your specific concerns. And, we serve you with dignity, respect and admiration—because it takes courage to heal.

Focused on Recovery.

We believe in recovery. People touched by our services are living proof of the outcomes we deliver, and results are measurable. This is important because when we enter counseling, or any treatment program, we all want to know there is an end-goal and targets to reach along the way.

Proven, Expert Care.

When you turn to Community Alliance, you access skilled psychiatric providers, licensed counselors and services that meet national accreditation standards and follow best practices. You get connected with people who share our agency-wide passion for recovery.

Psychiatric Care

Mental health conditions need to be diagnosed just like any other health condition. And, just like other health conditions, sometimes medication can help. This is where professional psychiatric care steps in. Our psychiatric physicians and nurse practitioners can help get to the root causes of what you are experiencing and evaluate the need for medication. They can also provide ongoing medication management services which includes monitoring how you respond to treatment and determining other steps that might help.

Mental Health and Substance Use Counseling

We know it can be a challenge to cope with a mental health or chemical dependency concern. When life deals you challenges that feel impossible to bear or are impacting your work, family and quality of life, we’re here for you. Whether seeking short-term assistance or longer-term support, our licensed, experienced professionals are recovery-focused and trained in a wide variety of mental health conditions and treatment approaches. We’ll develop a plan to problem-solve and work together to achieve your goals.

Telehealth Services

Community Alliance offers many of its counseling and psychiatric services via telehealth as well as in person. Telehealth, or virtual care, is a way for you to receive services from Community Alliance physicians, counselors, and other staff without being in the same room or facility. Rather than an in-person visit, you connect and receive services via a tablet, computer, or smartphone and internet or cellular connection. Many people have found this to be an easier and more convenient way to receive services. Benefits include saving time, avoiding transportation hassles, and being able to receive services in the comfort of your own home.

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Community Alliance accepts Medicaid, Medicare and most private insurance for its psychiatric and counseling services, including telehealth services. For those without insurance, we offer a sliding fee scale.

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* This contact form is not monitored on a 24 hour / 7 day a week basis. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis and need to speak to someone right away, do not use this form. Call your doctor, therapist, or crisis support number. If you have a medical or psychiatric emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.