Stories from the heart: How Community Alliance’s culture inspires workers to make a difference

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The need for organizations that foster community, cultivate a positive culture, and drive meaningful impact has never been greater. Community Alliance is a testament to the power of collective action within our organization and the greater Omaha community we serve.

This blog post delves into the heart of Community Alliance, exploring the stories of some of our team members who embody our values and bring our mission to life. Through their firsthand accounts, we hope to provide a better understanding of the unique culture that thrives within Community Alliance, the vibrant individuals we support, and the distinctive factors that set our integrated healthcare organization apart.

Ryan Logan’s Story of Connection

Ryan Logan is a re-entry Peer Support Specialist at Community Alliance. His role involves guiding individuals through a successful transition from prison to a productive and fulfilling life within their community. It’s about helping them create plans for success and overcoming hurdles like returning to old friendships or navigating the perceptions of the world around them.

Ryan Logan, Peer Support Specialist at Community Alliance

“It was a blessing that I came to Community Alliance, and they embraced me the way they did and encouraged me the way that they did. It makes it easy to get out of bed and come to work every day,” said Ryan about his role as a Peer Support Specialist. “Because of Community Alliance, I get the privilege to help other individuals start their lives over.”

In his role, he gets to contribute as part of the Community Alliance team, making him pivotal to the organization and the individuals we serve. “I felt like not only could I be of service to somebody else to help them learn and grow, but I could also utilize those same things I learned from the community within Community Alliance. When I came here, I didn’t fully understand what Community Alliance was about. In the interview process – talking to people and getting a full scope of what’s going on and how welcoming it is – it was a no-brainer then, like for somebody to open up and willingly want you to come and be a part of their services to other people. Yeah, I knew that’s what I wanted to do.”

Ryan feels good every day being part of a team that helps individuals transition back to their community and rebuild their lives. While he doesn’t claim to be the smartest or most talented individual in a room, he has found his worth and value as part of the team at Community Alliance, and he hopes he does the same for each person he helps on their journey to recovery.

LaMargo Winston’s Story of Her Calling

LaMargo Winston is a Homeless Services Specialist at Community Alliance. In her role, she supports individuals who are facing homelessness by helping them find a safe and secure residence. She worked at Community Alliance for several years, left, and is now back to continue her rewarding work. What made her come back? “When I left Community Alliance, it’s because I moved to Texas, and I did work in the mental health field when I was in Texas for the majority of the time. The first two years, I did. Then, after that, I worked at corporate for State Farm. But I came back to Community Alliance because it feels like home. When I moved back, I had to go back to where I feel comfortable, where I feel I’m making a difference, where I feel like I’m needed or wanted. That’s where I need to be. And Community Alliance is a wonderful company to work for – wonderful, wonderful. I mean, there’s nothing that they won’t do for you to make you feel comfortable.”

LaMargo Winston, Homeless Services Specialist at Community Alliance

“I believe this is a calling for me. I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else,” said LaMargo about her career. Working with others who share her passion for helping individuals find recovery is rewarding in a way LaMargo couldn’t find anywhere else. It’s a team full of superheroes who all work together to provide integrated healthcare services that are cohesive and supportive. What would LaMargo tell individuals who are considering a career at Community Alliance? “If you’re interested in finding a new career path, just come in and sit in the lobby and then go ahead and apply because you’ll see the difference is going to be felt immediately. Just sit in the lobby and see.”

Andrea Milone’s Story of Authenticity

Andrea Milone’s backstory involves a challenging history of addiction, growing up in a home marked by alcoholism and trauma, which led to her own personal struggles. Due to her lived experience, she thrives as a Peer Support Specialist at Community Alliance. She leverages her personal journey to help others facing similar challenges, “I don’t feel like I have a job. I get to wake up, and I get to change the world one workday at a time. And that is impactful.”

Andrea Milone, Peer Support Specialist at Community Alliance

Andrea and her team at Community Alliance are making a real difference by removing the stigma around mental health and advocating for, empowering, educating, and supporting individuals through their recovery journey. “It’s not just about how many services can we compact, but you start to form these bonds with people, and it’s not just the people that you’re working with, it’s the people who attend here,” she said. “We need people who have a story because every story mirrors somebody else’s story. And that’s what I find. I find that when I’m working, I find me.”

Andrea finds fulfillment in her work at Community Alliance and is proud to be part of a team where she feels valued and supported and can be her authentic self in a way that helps others.

Is Community Alliance the Right Fit for You?

Community Alliance is proud to be a fit for individuals like Ryan, LaMargo, Andrea, and others. We are committed to embracing diverse backgrounds and personal stories to foster an authentic and holistic environment. Community Alliance doesn’t just offer a job for its employees; it provides a platform for personal growth, allowing each person to channel their experiences into making a meaningful difference.

If you are looking for a workplace where you can contribute authentically, find your purpose, and be part of a community committed to change, Community Alliance is the right choice.

Pursue What Makes You Happy Every Day at Community Alliance

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