The need is growing daily.

The coronavirus has forced us to cancel our event this year. While we can’t get together in person, we  can still join together in Breaking the Silence about mental illness.

Nearly half of all Americans report that social distancing alone has negatively impacted their mental health. That number continues to grow daily as people face the ongoing stress and challenges brought on by continued isolation, school and job disruption, income loss, social trauma and the physical health threat to themselves and their loved ones. These times have been particularly hard for those most marginalized, including those who already struggle with mental illness. Many others are experiencing challenges such as anxiety and depression for the first time.  

Now more than ever, we must fight the stigma and let people know
it’s okay to ask for help.

At Community Alliance, we are expanding services to provide additional psychiatric, counseling and primary care services – available virtually and in person. We have formed outreach teams to help those facing homelessness and unemployment due to the pandemic. Rehabilitation, peer and family support programs remain open and are accepting new clients. And we continue to fight the stigma that keeps people from accepting the help that can make a difference in their lives.

The need for advocacy and action is greater than ever.  

We need to change the way we view mental health. And we must make mental health a priority in our everyday lives – from daily self-care to reaching out for help.  No one needs to suffer in silence.

Even though we can’t get together in person this year, you can still make a positive impact by supporting those most vulnerable with your generous contribution today.

Make a difference.