Sometimes, you just need someone to help with all of the practical matters that support your ongoing stability and recovery—setting up a budget, paying bills, arranging transportation, shopping for groceries, cooking meals and accessing services. Sometimes, these practical, day-to-day chores seem too hard, especially while still struggling with mental health issues.

Help When and Where You Need It

Community Alliance can provide a range of in-home and in-community services to help you grow the confidence and skills needed to live, work and thrive in your recovery. These services are highly individualized and flexible in both frequency and duration. We can support you in achieving a healthier life by encouraging you to take care of your medical and mental health needs, developing and utilizing a personal recovery plan, maintaining a regular eating, sleeping and medication schedule, and choosing healthy leisure time activities. These services are provided one-on-one in your home and other convenient community locations on a regular schedule matched up to your needs.

Supporting Independence

Recovery can be successful when there is a safety net of support aligned with the daily issues and challenges you are facing and where you want to go. Community Alliance’s trained rehabilitation and support specialists are here to provide that individualized and flexible support. Our hands-on services are designed to strengthen your skills, teach resilience and promote independence.

How Can We Help?

You’ve got courage and stamina. With Community Alliance, you can tap into an additional layer of assistance to help you thrive at home. Call us at 402.341.5128.