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Sliding Fee Schedule

A sliding fee scale is used to calculate the cost of mental health, substance use and primary care services for uninsured clients.  The amount charged varies by service and is based on household income and size.  By uninsured, we mean that you are not covered by another source of payment, such as Medicare, Medicaid, commercial insurance, or state/local behavioral health authority, for the service being provided.

To qualify for a discounted fee based on our sliding fee schedule, you must complete a financial eligibility form reporting household size and income and provide requested documents to verify the information provided.  While Community Alliance staff are available to help you if you so request, it is your responsibility and, if applicable, that of your legal guardian, conservator or representative payee, to submit all the documents required for us to determine your eligibility.

No individual will be denied services based on an inability to pay.  However, if you do not pay a program service fee that has been assessed based upon our sliding fee scale and/or other service fee policies and procedures, we may discontinue to provide services.

Our current sliding fee schedule by service is available by clicking here.